Reform Your Retail with FF Inventory's Point of Sale System

Streamline retail operations with FF Inventory’s Point of Sale Management feature, that offers barcode scanning, various payment methods, and real-time inventory tracking. 

Manage the Retail Transactions with Ease

Designed to optimize the checkout process, this feature ensures accuracy and efficiency in sales transactions, while also handling inventory levels and help prevent stockouts.

Barcode-Enabled Order Processing

Harness the power of barcode scanning to expedite your sales process.

POS system is compatible with browsers on both tablets and mobile devices, ensuring your transactions are smooth and hassle-free.

Smooth Payments and Instant Receipts

Designed for effortless payment management, delivering detailed receipts and retail invoices with the click of a button.

Enjoy a checkout process that’s not only quick but also accurate.

Tax and Discount Management

Tailor your POS to your sales strategy with easy-to-configure default taxes and discount applications.

Our system allows for effortless customization, making it simpler to comply with local tax laws.

Optimized Warehouse Selection for Orders

Make smart choices with our strategic warehouse selection feature, designed to optimize your inventory management and shorten delivery times.

Enhance your customer satisfaction by ensuring efficient order processing.

Global Sales Capabilities

Expand your reach with our POS system’s multicurrency support, perfect for businesses operating internationally.

Adapt effortlessly to global markets with flexible currency options, making every transaction seamless.

Unlock the power of eCommerce automation and watch your business grow!

Try Zap Inventory free for 14 days, no credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the capabilities, benefits, and seamless integration options of FF Inventory, to help you navigate and maximize the advantages of our system with ease.

Does FF Inventory support barcode scanners and receipt printers?

FF Inventory supports the barcode scanners and receipt printers when connected to the system, streamlining the checkout process and improving operational efficiency. This facilitates quick product identification, accurate billing, and the generation of physical receipts, providing a professional and efficient point of sale experience.

Yes, FF Inventory simplifies the process of managing returns, refunds, or exchanges within the software. The system is designed to handle these transactions quickly and accurately, ensuring customer satisfaction while maintaining accurate inventory and sales records. Whether processing a return, issuing a refund, or facilitating an exchange, FF Inventory provides a seamless experience for both staff and customers.

FF Inventory offers real-time inventory visibility, enabling businesses to monitor stock levels accurately and efficiently. This feature helps prevent overselling and stockouts by providing up-to-date information on inventory availability. With FF Inventory, businesses can ensure that they have the right products in stock when customers need them, enhancing customer satisfaction and optimizing inventory management.

Yes, FF Inventory can sync with Shopify POS, providing a seamless integration that bridges your online and in-store sales channels. This integration allows for real-time updates between FF Inventory and Shopify, ensuring that inventory levels are consistent across both platforms. It enables businesses to manage their inventory more efficiently, avoid overselling, and offer a unified shopping experience to their customers. With this synchronization, any sales or inventory changes made in Shopify POS are automatically reflected in FF Inventory.

More FF Inventory features you’ll love:

Purchase Order Management

Streamline your procurement process with our Purchase Order Management feature. Efficiently create, receive, and manage purchase orders to ensure timely restocking of inventory, helping to maintain optimal stock levels and prevent stockouts.


Integrate with Accounting Channels

Simplify your financial management with seamless integration into Xero and QuickBooks. Automate the transfer of sales data to your accounting software, ensuring accurate financial records.

Multi-brand Support

Tailor your sales strategies for each brand under your umbrella from one centralized platform. This feature allows for distinct branding across your portfolio, enabling you to cater to the unique needs and market positioning of each brand with efficiency.

Team up with your favorite integrations

FF Inventory directly integrates with the world’s most popular ecommerce apps and tools.