Effortlessly Sync Your Shopify Store with FF Inventory

With a seamless 2-way synchronization between Shopify and FF Inventory, businesses can ensure their inventory levels are accurately reflected across all platforms in real time, enhancing the operational efficiency.

FF Inventory with Shopify integration

How does the FF Inventory and Shopify integration work?

Easy Installation

Installing FF Inventory from the Shopify App Store is straightforward process.

It ensures a hassle-free setup process that quickly links your inventory management system with your Shopify store(s).

Shopify POS Integration

Extend your retail capabilities by integrating Shopify POS orders into FF Inventory.

This allows for a unified view of both online and offline sales, streamlining inventory management across all channels.

Multi-Store Management

Connect and manage multiple Shopify stores from a single FF Inventory dashboard.

This feature simplifies operations for businesses that operate across various niches or geographies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage multiple Shopify stores with FF Inventory?

Yes, FF Inventory supports the connection and management of multiple Shopify stores. This feature allows you to centralize your order and inventory management, simplifying the process for businesses with multiple storefronts.

Yes. The synchronization between FF Inventory and Shopify is real time which ensures that any orders placed on Shopify are automatically reflected in FF Inventory. Conversely, any updates to your inventory in FF Inventory are instantly updated on your Shopify store. This 2-way sync maintains inventory accuracy and enhances operational efficiency.

Yes, FF Inventory acts as a central dashboard that allows you to connect not only with Shopify but also with other integrations for managing accounting, shipping, and payments. This flexibility ensures that you can maintain a streamlined workflow across different aspects of your business.

Absolutely. FF Inventory integrates with Shopify POS, allowing you to manage both your online and physical store sales seamlessly. This integration ensures that your inventory is accurately tracked and updated across all sales channels.

No. Orders can be fulfilled in Shopify, and the fulfillment status will automatically reflect in FF Inventory. This integration allows for a flexible fulfillment process, enabling you to utilize Shopify’s fulfillment capabilities while keeping inventory and order statuses synchronized with FF Inventory.

FF Inventory is designed primarily to push inventory changes back to any connected e-commerce platform, including Shopify. It does not directly import orders from one Shopify store to another e-commerce store. The primary function is to ensure that inventory levels are synchronized across all platforms to reflect accurate stock availability.

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