Amazon Integration with FF Inventory

FF Inventory’s Amazon integration simplifies the process of managing inventory across multiple platforms, offering a seamless, real-time synchronization.

FF Inventory with Amazon integration

How does the FF Inventory and Amazon integration work?

2-Way Sync

Orders from Amazon are automatically imported into FF Inventory, while updates in FF Inventory are instantly reflected on Amazon.

This ensures your inventory levels are always accurate, preventing overselling and stockouts.

Enhanced Visibility

Gain insights into your sales and stock levels across platforms, enabling informed decision-making and strategy planning.

FF Inventory serves as a central hub for managing orders, inventory, accounting, shipping, and payment processes across all integrations.

Seamless Invoicing

Automatically sync invoices from Amazon sales to accounting software such as Xero or QuickBooks

FF Inventory helps in simplifying your financial workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage multiple Amazon stores with FF Inventory?

Yes, FF Inventory allows you to connect and manage multiple Amazon stores, providing a centralized platform for all your e-commerce operations.

Yes, FF Inventory can automatically update inventory levels on Amazon. When stock levels change in FF Inventory due to sales or restocks, these changes are immediately reflected on your Amazon store, helping prevent overselling and stockouts.

FF Inventory retrieves and processes orders made on Amazon, allowing you to manage order fulfillment directly from FF Inventory. This integration streamlines the order management process, providing a centralized view of orders across all sales channels.

Yes, FF Inventory can sync pricing updates directly to Amazon. Any changes made to product prices in FF Inventory will automatically update on your Amazon listings, ensuring price consistency and helping you stay competitive.

Currently, FF Inventory does not support Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon); however, this functionality is in development and will be available soon. This upcoming feature will enable seamless integration with Amazon’s fulfillment services, further simplifying inventory and order management for FBA sellers.

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