Efficient Inventory Management Solutions

FF Inventory streamlines multi-channel stock control and order fulfillment, helping you sell and distribute products more efficiently.

About FF Inventory

FF Inventory simplifies complex inventory challenges with robust Inventory Management Software. Tailored for small to medium-sized e-commerce and retail businesses, our platform delivers user-friendly, reliable, and advanced features for global business success

Inventory & Orders

  • View all your products in a single place. You can sort, filter and search based on different attributes, and add new products quickly
  • Import all orders from multiple sales channels into a central dashboard and view their status throughout the lifecycle
  • Monitor how much inventory is purchased, in-transit, ready for sale, damaged, or is due to be returned to the supplier

Multi-Channel Retailing

  • Make sure your inventory & orders are synchronized across all your sales channels like Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify etc. at all times
  • Automatically have your inventory updated after you make a sale on any of your channels, buy new inventory or even transfer them
  • Organize, streamline and synchronize your inventory & sales across all channels and optimize your inventory management process

Core Features That makes us Top notch

Optimize every stage of your inventory lifecycle, from vendor procurement to customer delivery, with our comprehensive Inventory Management Software.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory lifecycle from procurement from the vendor, all the way through to order delivery to your customer

Serial Number Selection for Orders

Multiple Brands Support

Efficient management of various brands, enabling the assignment of specific brands to customers along with the customization of logos and addresses.

Comprehensive Batch Management

Purchase Management

Create & track purchase orders, plan reorders and manage suppliers using our best-in-class purchase order management software.

Precise Batch Selection in Orders

Warehouse Operations

Manage and organize your entire inventory efficiently within a single warehouse, or multiple warehouses across multiple locations.

Batch Tracking Reports

Order Management

Fulfil, pack and ship all your eCommerce orders across multiple warehouses and sales channels with our end-to-end processing system.

Finance Management

Revolutionizes invoice handling and management with top accounting systems like Xero and QuickBooks, offering a unified view of your finances.

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